AP Suspension kit

The affordable price is a pretty common way to establish good position on the market. Still, if there’s no quality, it won’t last for long. This manufacturer has been present on the market for years. It offers affordable products, but with plenty of quality. A wide offer of suspension components characterizes this small company. So far, the focus was on German carmakers, VW Group and its brands in particular.  Additionally, there are suspension parts for several other major manufacturers, such as Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Alfa Romeo etc. Still, this group of enthusiasts is still expanding the offer, so we may  expect additional car models in the future.

One of the most common ways for car lowering is installing a complete suspension kit. AP Suspension covers this area pretty well. Characterized by affordable price, these kits actually offer a very good quality, comparable with some far more expensive brands. Design is pretty common. A fixed dumper in a combination with lowering spring will provide lowering that usually goes around 60 mm. Numerous advantages over stock kits are guaranteed. Count on the lower centre of gravity, which will provide much better handling and agility. This significant improvement of performances shouldn’t effect on the overall level of comfort. Finally, the car will look far more attractive.

Many advanced technologies and design solutions that will provide longer lifetime are integral parts of this kit. These kits feature a very good dust and dirt protection. Also, all parts are powder coated, to prevent metal surfaces from going to a more stable chemical form. Do not be confused, we’re talking about corrosion. This powder coating feature is blue-coloured, unlike most of the suspension kits that are red or blue. So, count on unique visual appeal as well.

As we’ve mentioned before, this manufacturer covers a lot of models from different carmakers.  Great thing is that these are not universal kits but designed especially for every specific car model.

Finally, all products from this manufacturer have German TUV certificate. A 2-year warranty is included as well.

In Great Britain, you can find AP Suspension spring kits here. Affordable, great service and shipping is free.