Eibach Pro Kit

A tradition that lasts for almost seven decades is the reason why most drivers prefer Eibach products. Founded in 1951, this brand has been a synonym for hi-quality suspension for decades. These days, it is one of leading companies in the world, both in terms of quality and popularity. Production plants, as well as engineering centres, are spread all around the world, in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and South Africa. However, such massive production didn’t affect quality, so many of Eibach’s products are absolute leaders when it comes both to performance and durability.

In the company’s wide palette of different products, springs have a special place and are core of every good suspension. This company offers several series of springs, designed for different purposes. Of course, we are usually thinking about racing suspension when we see Eibach recognizable logo, but there is actually much more. Not only that there are numerous products for passenger cars, but also a complete program for off-road vehicles.

For this occasion, we will stick to ordinary, passenger cars. In order to cut production costs and offer more competitive price, most of the carmakers usually install not so good suspension parts. Of course, hi- comfort is always a priority, but we don’t want performances to suffer. So, there are Eibach Pro Kit series, specially designed springs that will turn your car into a real street racer.

Pro Kit springs are an inevitable part of Eibach’s products offer. These are the most basic springs from the manufacturer and a perfect choice for every passenger car. Benefits are numerous. First of all, there is Eibach’s excellent reputation and unimpeachable quality. With these springs, you will lower your car for about 40 mm. This will turn a common passenger car into a real street racer. A lower centre of gravity ensures much better handling. There is no such thing as acceleration squat. Great thing is that the comfortremains on a pretty much same level.

Besides significant performance improvement, count on much better visual appearance too. You will not only lower your car but fill so-called fender well clearance as well. This would be a perfect mix of attractive styling and excellent performances.

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These springs will make your car a real street racer, but if you want even more radical improvement and true track performances, check Sportline series of Eibach springs.