KW Suspension and its sub-brands

Founded less than 23 years ago, this company instantly became one of the leaders in the automotive industry when it comes to car suspension. It all started in 1995 when a small group decided to materialize their idea of making perfect suspension kits. Soon after, this brand became one of the leaders in the segment. The company started with just 3 employees, while today there are more than 200 of them. We always refer this company to excellent suspension components, but there is actually much more . There are several brands under the patronage, which offer many interesting things.

KW Suspension

Of course, this is the core of the company. Known for excellent suspension components, this brand offers a variety of products. There are upgrades for passenger cars, as well as hi-performance and track-racing kits. Today this company works with many major carmakers, delivering parts for both mass-production and limited-series models. Finally, KW is a partner of many motorsport teams. We won’t waste more words on this famous manufacturer.


Car tuning&styling includes various kinds of modifications, but wing doors have always been something special. A few decades ago, wing doors on ordinary cars sounded like science fiction. These days, Lamborghini-style doors are becoming a common thing, thanks to the companies like LSD-Doors, which offer a variety of product, for pretty much every more popular mainstream car.

Belltech Sport Trucks

We all know how specific U.S. car market is. It’s all about trucks and muscle cars and Belltech is a company specialized in these vehicles. It offers a variety of lowering parts for famous trucks, SUVs, muscle cars etc. Moreover, this company received plenty of awards, including many SEMA recognitions.

ST Suspensions

This is KW’s special division that offers an extender program mostly for passenger cars. Some sports car models are included as well. It covers not only parts like springs, lowering kits etc. Things like coilovers, anti-sway bars, and wheel spacers are also included. This brand covers all major car models from Europe, Asia, and North America.


KW is present in the virtual world as well. This is actually a very good racing PC video game, which gives you an opportunity to experience all famous race series and famous car models. Count on very realistic laws of physics, even professional race drivers will find this game interesting. This game comes in both single and multiplayer modes and it is free, which is another benefit.